Surrey — Rethinking Waste, Reducing Emissions


To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help keep Surrey affordable, Surrey’s Council has passed a Community Energy and Emissions Plan which aims to reduce emissions 80% per capita below 2007 levels before 2050.

To achieve these targets and address climate change, Surrey is implementing a Community Energy and Emissions Plan and the Climate Adaptation Strategy that identifies how the City may be vulnerable to climate change impacts and proposes actions to mitigate risk and cost.

Together, these efforts reinforce the City’s broader efforts toward establishing Surrey as a prosperous and resilient 21st century urban centre.

One innovative component of the emissions reductions plan is the Phase 2 of the Rethink Waste Program, an organic waste biofuel processing facility. Once established, the biofuel facility will process the City’s organic waste into a 100% renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG will then be used to fuel the City's natural gas powered waste collection vehicles, its growing fleet of natural gas powered operations service vehicles, and provide a renewable fuel source for the new District Energy System, which will heat and cool Surrey's City Centre. Taking this step will significantly reduce the City's corporate carbon footprint. The facility will also produce a high end compost product that will be used in agricultural and landscaping applications.

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