Regina — Expanding the Rental Market


Regina has had one of the lowest vacancy rates in Canada. In 2013,the rental vacancy rate was at 0.6 per cent. The City of Regina responded through the 2013 and 2014 Mayor’s Housing Summits and a comprehensive housing strategy was developed to incentivize market behaviour to create more rental units.  Through the strategy, the City is providing tax incentives to create rental units. 

Regina has also created the Laneway and Garden Suites Guidelines and Pilot Project. Laneway and garden suites refer to a secondary suite which is separated or detached from the primary dwelling. It can be above or beside a garage or self-contained in the rear of the lot. Laneway housing is accessed from a rear laneway, while a garden suite is accessed from the front street via a sidewalk or driveway. Adding a secondary suites expands the amount of affordable rental options available in a neighbourhood, however adding a secondary suite within an existing home can be both technically difficult and costly. The Laneway and Garden Suites project will allow housing that has a number of benefits, including increased housing choice, affordability and diversity, opportunities to age in place, share housing among family members and gain rental income. 

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