City-building is nation-building

Canada is a country of dynamic and diverse regions — with globally competitive cities and resourceful towns rising out of spectacular natural wealth. Canadians enjoy a unique quality of life, and we are known widely as economic innovators and compassionate world citizens.

Ours is a country of nations, including this land’s original peoples, forged at times through happenstance and conflict, but also through equal parts hard work, smart planning and raw inspiration. Cities have helped make Canada what it is today and their leaders have the experience and the passion to build the Canada of the future. 

  • Where modern, livable cities are beacons for innovation and creative talent. 
  • Where connected cities attract investment and jobs.   
  • Where environmental innovation improves our quality of life and increases our resilience to unpredictable weather events.  
  • Where we see safe, affordable and welcoming neighbourhoods that offer a better start for  children and newcomers and a better quality of life for all.
  • And we see a country where a new equal relationship with Indigenous peoples is forged, one based on truth, dignity and mutual respect.


Cities are now essential partners in solving national challenges.

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BCMC is bringing its experience and solutions to help solve the national housing crisis.

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Canada’s cities are committed to reducing traffic and increasing available transit.

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Climate Change

FCM’s Big City Mayors are at the forefront of climate action.

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