Hamilton — Engaging the Community in Reducing Emissions


The City of Hamilton has developed a Community Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP), building on its Corporate Strategic Air Quality and Climate Change Plan. The Hamilton Community CCAP focuses on the integration of both climate mitigation and climate adaptation measures, working with the community and organizations to identify and integrate actions in both areas. It aims to reach a goal of 80% GHG reduction of 2006 community levels by 2050.

Nine themes have emerged as important areas to focus to address climate change locally: Agriculture and Food, Awareness and Education, Infrastructure, Energy, Land Use, Buildings and Built Form, Local Economy and Business, People and Health, Transportation and Mobility, and Water and Natural Ecosystems.

Implementation of the Community CCAP is expected to improve quality of life for residents through better air quality, more resilient neighborhoods, as well as through a sense of community empowerment and preparedness. The public engagement process and resources produced during the learning process could provide knowledge sharing opportunities both locally and nationally.

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