Climate Change and Resilience

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to a changing climate

Canada’s cities were among the first governments in the world to formally acknowledge climate change. Cities have taken an active leadership role by cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the risks posed by climate change.  Canada’s cities are innovating for a sustainable future, helping meet national and international targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Cities use to plan for once-in-a-century weather events but now face large-scale weather emergencies with increasing regularity. From flooding in Calgary, ice storms in Toronto and drought in Vancouver, climate change related weather events are displacing families, damaging properties and significantly disrupting the economy.

FCM’s Big City Mayors have been at the forefront of climate action for decades, investing in energy-efficient technology, renewable energy and green transportation infrastructure. Cities are also the lead on climate adaptation, assessing risks and addressing vulnerabilities to make Canada more resilient.


“More than ever, cities have a key role to play in the fight against climate change, and the goals that were set by national governments will not be met without their contribution.  Cities are an integral part of the solution because they can undertake concrete actions that will have impacts and enable us to achieve our national goals."

Round_Mayor_Denis-Coderre.png Mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre
Quick Facts
About 50%
The amount of Canada's GHG emissions that local governments have influence over.
20 and 55 megatonnes
The potential amount of GHG reductions from Canada's cities and communities using proven strategies and technologies.
$5 billion
The average annual cost of extreme weather events by
That number will rise to
$43 billion per year
The amount of money saved in future damages for every
$1 invested today
in climate change adaptation.

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